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Navigating the Challenges of Being a Game Developer in Turkey

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Being a game developer in Turkey can be a challenging and difficult endeavor, due to a variety of factors including lack of industry infrastructure, limited access to funding and resources, and a lack of recognition for the industry.

One of the biggest challenges facing game developers in Turkey is the lack of industry infrastructure. There are relatively few game development studios in Turkey, and those that do exist often have limited resources and capabilities. This can make it difficult for developers to find work and opportunities to develop their skills and grow their careers.

Access to funding and resources is another major challenge for game developers in Turkey. The game industry in Turkey is still relatively small, and there is limited investment and support available for game development. This can make it difficult for developers to secure funding for their projects and to access the resources they need to create high-quality games.

Another major challenge facing game developers in Turkey is the lack of recognition and appreciation for the industry. While the Turkish government has begun to take steps to support and promote the game industry, there is still a lack of understanding and appreciation for the value of games and game development among many people in Turkey.

Despite these challenges, there are many passionate and talented game developers in Turkey who continue to push forward and create innovative and exciting games. The key for them is to overcome the lack of industry infrastructure and limited access to funding and resources through creativity and hard work, and also to build a strong community of game developers in Turkey to foster creativity and collaboration.

Overall, the game development industry in Turkey is facing many challenges, but with the right combination of passion, perseverance and collaboration, the developers in Turkey can overcome the difficulties and produce great games that will be recognized and enjoyed by players all around the world.


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