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Meet The Team

Dreaming Games, Playing Games, Developing Games


As Ubik Studios, we put our admiration for the "game", which is perhaps the first and oldest invention of living beings, which has renewed itself by constantly changing its form from primitive times to the present day and has managed to preserve the basic motivation at its core, on the ground of everything we do. We approach the game with the excitement of a child who first meets the game when he opens his eyes and is mesmerized by its blissful power, and we are inspired by its purest form. Our relationship with play is not just focused on an electronic screen and woven around its periphery. We see play as a combination of many emotions and endeavors, and we try to use both traditional methods and the dizzying power of technology as much as possible when creating games. Our primary goal is not just to make games, but to create a new universe and a new way of production by putting our deep passion for the concept of play at the heart of every project.

The dynamic nature of the game, which is not only a very personal exploration, but can also be shared with others in the process, branching and expanding endlessly, shows us the basic path we should follow while working. When we create at Ubik, we feel like we are part of a complex game whose rules are rewritten every day, and we make it our priority to have a good time, just like playing a game. While building a fictional world where we can draw the boundaries as we wish, we try to create our working environment with the same flexibility, and we prefer to move forward in accordance with the lively spirit of the "game" instead of strict rules or impossible goals. Because we know that the more fun we have while producing, the more enjoyable the product will be. At Ubik, we strive to create space for creativity and to do so on an equal ground where everyone can have their say on everything.

In all the projects we do at Ubik, our aim is not only to provide people with instruments that will allow them to have a pleasant time, but also to make this time meaningful. We believe in the power of stories and we care about storytelling. When making games, we are after creating original stories that rise on a strong foundation as much as the form. Instead of being forgotten forever when the screen is turned off, we want to leave a small trace at every point we touch, to gain a small but precious place in the memory. All the stories between the familiar and complex emotions of pure reality and the magical world of fiction are ours! We aspire to tell them all to the best of our ability and to present this narrative to you in a unique way. We put curiosity, joy, puzzles and many more into the ordinary in order to turn the simplest form of life, our simplest emotions, our experiences that take root and multiply in daily life into a game. We feed on all of these and strive to build a world that revolves around this core, a world that is unlike anyone else's, but where everyone can find a familiar piece of themselves. We seek to find the stories that are hidden in life, lying in a corner by themselves, and make a play, a movie, a character or a puzzle out of them, whatever the name or form!

We take our inspiration from human beings, from art, the common heritage of humanity, from the age we live in, from the dreams we have about the exciting possibilities of the future. What we want to do is to experience new ways of making games and share it with the rest of the world. We have a strong belief that we can turn a local experience into a threshold for the entire industry to aspire to. We produce with our curiosity about the source of the game and the human journey, and we want to have as much fun as the person playing the game we produce on the computer. We dream of presenting that model, which will be the product of all this effort, as a new and positive example.

Whatever we do in Ubik, we will adhere to the universal values of humanity and at the same time we will look through the age we live in and strive to be a voice from this age for the next era. We set out on this journey to be the subject of a small break, a calm space to breathe, a magical moment that will stop time for a while. We will continue to produce with great appetite the thing that brings together both the essence of humanity's oldest source of happiness and the satisfying and healing aspect of many forms of art, namely games. When we reach the age when games are considered as works of art, we want to be proud that we have contributed to this process. While telling stories, we are also writing our own stories. While this experience gives us the answer to the question "how to make a different kind of game?", we hope that the resulting product can change everyone who comes into contact with it, even for a moment. 

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