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Untimely Hidden:


Ubik Studios

Based in İstanbul, Turkey



Steam, Epic Games, Xbox, Nintendo

Release Date

Steam Q3 / 2024

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Our Time Agent Jaxon has a new mission: his arch-nemesis has stirred things up again. Now he should follow her to the ancient city Patara and find the modern-day objects scattered around the city that she left behind.


Untimely Hidden is a hidden object game with a humorous take on time travel. But it's not that easy! Because no one will tell you what the objects you need to find are. You'll know it when you see it, trust us.


Jaxon is a tenacious, diligent and naive Time Agent. He is proud to be Agent #247 of the PAST, that is Preservation Agency for Space-Time!


He is always ready and waiting for a new mission! After all, what could be better than feeling like a hero? 


To be a hero!


But every hero needs a villain! Luckily, he has the hottest one! I mean, the baddest one! Nova the Time Tangler jumps through different time-lines, entailing disruptions, leaving things behind that cause space-time continuum errors. 


She and Jaxon have gone up against each other many times, and even if Jaxon couldn't catch her, he always managed to fix the mess she created, but if you ask her, she'll tell you that she let Jaxon do it, because - straight from her mouth - what's the fun in what she does if she doesn't drive this dorky agent a little crazy?


To be a proper hero, you also need a trusted companion. That's where KronoDex comes in.

This is an AI-companion which informs the agents about their mission. It offers:


  • Information about the time and the place.

  • Mission updates.

  • Hints about the objects you’re looking for.

  • Translation services.

  • Comments that no one asked for.



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