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Enter the world of an everyday woman as you explore her past in this point & click narrative game. Hand-drawn animations bring her memories to life, and thought-provoking puzzles lay bare the reasons behind her choices. Immerse yourself in a story unfolds as you decipher its intricate pieces.

Beautiful Artwork

Traditional Animation


Original Soundtracks

Puzzle Elements

Release Date

Q2 2024


Story-Driven Point-and-click Puzzle


Casual, Atmospheric, Single Player,, Point-and-Click, Hand Drawn, Female Protagonist, Story Rich, Psychological


Steam, Epic Games, Xbox Nintendo


"Normally I'd dig a hole in me and then fall into it, But this time I decided that instead of falling in, I would willingly go in. Here I am, drifting on the shores of my life."

Play as Leila and traverse through all phases of her life, uncovering her pivotal life moments. By unraveling puzzles imbued with the fragments of her narrative, you'll comprehend the motives behind Leila's life decisions. As you delve deeper into her psyche and her emotional landscape, you'll discover facets of your own self mirrored in the life journey of this seemingly ordinary woman.

Step into journey through the layers of Leila, a captivating, story-driven adventure that comes alive with charming narration and stunning artwork. Every frame is a masterpiece, handcrafted with detailed traditional animation, and each moment is accentuated with an evocative original soundtrack.

Embark on Leila's journey as she grapples with the complexities of love, trust, and the shadows of her past. Navigate thought-provoking puzzles that challenge and engage, deepening the immersion in her tale.

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