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As Ubik Studios, we put our admiration for the "game", which is perhaps the first and oldest invention of living beings, which has renewed itself by constantly changing its form from primitive times to the present day and has managed to preserve the basic motivation at its core, on the ground of everything we do. We approach the game with the excitement of a child who first meets the game when he opens his eyes and is mesmerized by its blissful power, and we are inspired by its purest form. Our relationship with play is not just focused on an electronic screen and woven around its periphery. We see play as a combination of many emotions and endeavors, and we try to use both traditional methods and the dizzying power of technology as much as possible when creating games. Our primary goal is not just to make games, but to create a new universe and a new way of production by putting our deep passion for the concept of play at the heart of every project.



Join our Team

Currently, we are not actively seeking a team member. However, if you wish to be included in the list we will first consider when we initiate a search, please feel free to reach out and submit your resume to us. Remember, there is another factor that we value as much as experience and skill: Being a good team player! Our experience has shown that the highest-quality work emerges when we as a team enjoy what we are doing and willingly direct all our energy towards our work. Having once enjoyed this experience, we aspire to continue it.

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