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Enter the world of an everyday woman as you explore her past in this point & click narrative game. Hand-drawn animations bring her memories to life, and thought-provoking puzzles lay bare the reasons behind her choices. Immerse yourself in a story unfolds as you decipher its intricate pieces.

Beautiful Artwork

Traditional Animation


Original Soundtracks

Puzzle Elements

Release Date

Late 2023


Layered 2d Story Based Puzzle


Casual, Atmospheric, Single Player, 2D, Point and Click, Hand Drawn, Female Protagonist, Story Rich, Psychological


Windows, MacOS


As Leila begins to write her autobiography, she realizes that her past is filled with a series of turning points that have shaped her life. She decides to revisit these moments and examine them more closely to better understand herself and her past.

The actress, who plays the role of Leyla, experiences the cycles she goes through in various periods of her life, helping her to move forward at these turning points. As Leyla delves deeper into her past, she begins to uncover secrets and hidden truths about herself and her loved ones.

The player must help Leila make decisions and solve puzzles as she tries to piece together the events that have shaped her life. Along the way, Leila must confront her own flaws and mistakes, as well as the challenges and obstacles that stand in her way.

As Leila's story unfolds, the player will experience a wide range of emotions, from triumph and joy to sadness and regret. The play explores the power of memory and the importance of understanding your past in order to move forward in life.

When Leyla reaches the end of her journey, the player must help her make a final and crucial decision that will determine her fate and the legacy she will leave behind. With the player's guidance, Leyla comes to terms with her past and achieves peace and closure.

We aim to provide an experience that appeals not only visually and story-wise, but also to the emotions of the players. As you explore the memories of Leyla's life, you will both connect with her emotionally and see pieces of your own life.

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